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Personal testimonials of experiencing God's pure unconditional Love through Divine Mother Audrey. 
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Lane Nakamura
Uncovering Love
Karen Harimoto
Surviving A Stroke
Cathy Oda
Learning to Love Myself
Pamela Chun-Ganske
Beyond Physical Pain
Ted Kanamori
Healing My Vietnam War Experience
Jim Petroff
Gratitude for a Second Chance and Opportunity to Change
John Christianson
Healing and Wholesomeness
Elizabeth Kunimoto
Traveling in Europe with Divine Mother
Edith Sakai
My Son's Passing:
A Celebration of Love

Roberta Christianson
Finding Courage
Tad Kunimoto
Traveling in Europe with Divine Mother
Betty Shimabukuro
My Husband's Passing
Sarah Christianson
A Wholesome Self --
A Wholesome Family
Stephen Lee
Traveling in Europe with Divine Mother
Leni Davis
Overcoming Fear and Anger
Sudhir Mehta
Becoming Aware of the Truth Within
Joyce Volen
Divine Mother, Breaker of the Chains
Kay Day
Recovering from Abuse
Tatou Mehta
A Journey to Freedom
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