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Workshop and Seminar on Peace, Harmony and the Environment
Lumbini, Nepal
December 11, 2012
  (7:52 min.)

Divine Mother Audrey was a featured speaker at the Workshop and Seminar on Peace, Harmony and the Environment in Lumbini, Nepal, attended by dignitaries, and diverse religious leaders and communities.

A Journey to the Democratic Republic of Congo
Democratic Republic of Congo
September 9-18, 2012
  (6:17 min.)

Divine Mother Audrey visited Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Kamina in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She was formally welcomed by dignitaries who provided escort to schools, universities, an orphanage, and a hospital.

Journey to the Sacred Sites of Peru and Bolivia
Peru and Bolivia
July 27 - Aug. 10, 2011
  (11:50 min.)

Divine Mother Audrey did powerful blessings of cultural and historic sites during a two-week trip to Peru and Bolivia. Accompanying her were three members of the Spiritual Family.

A Journey to the Sacred Mountains and Buddhist Sites in China and Tibet
China and Tibet
May 31-June 21, 2010
  (10:41 min.)

Divine Mother Audrey traveled throughout China and Tibet in 2010, visiting the beautiful sacred mountains, temples and ancient Buddhist sites.

Divine Mother Audrey is Honored by The New Seminary
Riverside Church, New York, NY
June 14, 2009
  (17:55 min.)

Divine Mother Audrey addresses The New Seminary Class of 2009 Graduation/Ordination Ceremony at the Riverside Church in New York after receiving The New Seminary's honorary degree of "Interfaith Minister".

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