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Divine Mother Audrey is Honored by The New Seminary
Riverside Church, New York, NY
June 14, 2009
  (17:55 min.)

Divine Mother Audrey addresses The New Seminary Class of 2009 Graduation/Ordination Ceremony at the Riverside Church in New York after receiving The New Seminary's honorary degree of "Interfaith Minister".

Spirituality and Ethics in Human Rights Law: "Spiritual Beings with Conscience"
UNICEF House, Labouisse Hall, New York, NY
October 22, 2008
  (7:16 min.)

Divine Mother Audrey spoke at UNICEF's Labouisse Hall for the Universal Ethics Working Group, sponsored by the National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union.

Vietnam 2007/Mt. Kailash 2006/Nepal 2006 Montage
Vietnam/Mt. Kailash, Tibet/Nepal
  (8:58 min.)

Speech at Ashoka Pillar, Lumbini, Nepal - Birthplace of Lord Buddha
Lumbini, Nepal
May 31, 2006
  (6:06 min.)

Divine Mother Audrey addresses monks and the local community at a peace prayer ceremony for Nepal and the Nepalese people at the Ashoka Pillar, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, in Lumbini, Nepal.

Press Conference Following Presentation at Ashoka Pillar
Lumbini, Nepal
May 31, 2006
  (46:07 min.)

Divine Mother Audrey holds a press conference, responding to questions from reporters and the public, following the presentation at the Ashoka Pillar on May 31, 2006.

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